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Scientific data for BIOS-SCOPE will be available soon via our data partners:


The following are examples of the data products that will be produced by BIOS-SCOPE in the coming months:


contour plot of viral abundance data

Oceanic virioplankton encompass enormous genetic diversity, affect biogeochemical cycling of elements, and partially control aspects of prokaryotic production and diversity. This plot shows that maxima abundances of virioplankton on Prochlorococcus are concurrent suggesting that a significant fraction of viruses in the mid-euphotic zone of the subtropical gyres may be cyanophages and patterns in their abundance are largely determined by Prochlorococcus dynamics in response to water column stability. Published in: Parsons RJ, Breitbart M, Lomas MW, Carlson CA 2011 Ocean time-series reveals recurring seasonal patterns of virioplankton dynamics in the northwestern Sargasso Sea. The ISME Journal 6: 273-284


SAR11 9Ecotypes: click to view Ocean Data View plots of SAR11 subclasses and depth-specific distributions. Image from Vergin, K.L., Beszteri, B., Monier, A., Thrash, J.C., Temperton, B., Treusch, A.H., Kilpert, F., Worden, A.Z., and Giovannoni, S.J. (2013) High-resolution SAR11 ecotype dynamics at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study site by phylogenetic placement of pyrosequences. The ISME Journal 7: 1322-1332.